A/r/tography as Intervention

Kimberly Baker, Heidi May, Natalie LeBlanc


A/r/tographers distinguish themselves from other arts-based researchers by using the intersecting identities and relationships of artist, researcher and teacher to inform and articulate their work through shared inquiry (Irwin, 2004). In this session, we focus on the NAEA strategic goals of learning and community, and present case studies that utilize art intervention strategies’ to promote community learning. We will discuss how the a/r/tography community can use interventions to advance visual arts education.

Kimberly Baker focuses on a visual parody intervention project that provided the general public with alternative pedagogical opportunities to consider the constraints of mega event policies.

Natalie LeBlanc explores school closure issues: How schools have been socially and culturally represented and impacts of displacement upon students, teachers and the community.

Heidi May presents QR_U (an open school), a relational art project that occupied a University art gallery space and challenged how we approach and conceive pedagogic art practice.

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