Intraventions of Becoming: Provoking Inquiry and Self-Knowledge in Art Teacher Education

Heidi May, Adrienne Boulton-Funke, Rita Irwin, Natalie LeBlanc


Inspired by the pedagogical turn in contemporary art, we are interested in provocative and generative forms of pedagogy and research in art education. This session will explore pedagogy as a medium and how “becoming artist-medium” informs the process of “becoming artist-teacher”. To date, we have conceptualized the term Intravention; a participatory and self-reflexive process, that creates significant potential for a new model of art education and research that incorporates performative art practices and dialogical inquiry. “Becoming medium” is a concept drawn from interdisciplinary art practices in which the artist becomes the medium of the work. This session will present recent research of an artist residency in an art teacher education program that has led us to question the role that “becoming medium” plays in the process of Intravention as a way to inform the work of art educators working in the context of higher education.

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