The Interactive and Dialogical Teaching Model: Smartphones and Networked Technologies in Art Education

Dr. Bret Lefler and Heidi May


This session will examine how art educators can incorporate smartphone technology and social media in their classrooms through an interactive and dialogical approach. Smartphone technology is now widely accessible and familiar to elementary, secondary and postsecondary students. Social media networks can now be considered a tool in facilitating dialogue within peer-centered learning, allowing for a more open and decentralized learning experience. We are particularly interested in smartphone technology as an instrument in the teaching and learning of art, and its wider application through the use of social media. We will explore existing interactive teaching models, such as, The International Bacheloreate curriculum and Content Based Art Education, and provide examples of the use of online forums for dialogue and artistic process. In this session, we focus on the NAEA strategic goals of learning and community, and discuss how emerging technologies provide opportunities to rethink and reimagine the future of art education.

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