Intervention / Intravention: A/r/tography Inquiry in Visual Art Teacher Education

Adrienne Boulton-Funke, Rita Irwin, Donal O’Donoghue, Natalie LeBlanc, Heidi May


This session will explore “Interventions” and “Intraventions” as ways of conceptualizing, designing, and examining participatory research within secondary art teacher education, with attention to the relational processes between researchers, instructors, artists-in-residence, teacher candidates, curriculum, and pedagogy, and the challenges and opportunities for engagement between and amongst research/instructional team. By engaging with art practice as a form of pedagogy, this work aims to challenge systemic models of art teacher education that rely on modes of pedagogy developed by other disciplines. This session will discuss a recent and on-going study that brings together social practice art and teacher education and which explores the pedagogic turn in contemporary art as a way of creating new spaces for art education teacher candidates to consider what it means to “become pedagogical.”

This session will also explore the narratives of graduate teaching assistants within their multiple roles as instructors, participatory researchers and students, examining the ways in which their participation in this research functioned as opportunity for reflection on their pedagogical and curriculum decisions as instructors of secondary visual art teacher candidates.

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