Processing Digital: Opening up to a Space of Emergence in Art Pedagogy

co-presented with Jody Baker, PhD


Networked art practices share conceptual overlaps with current discussions about pedagogy, particularly those that

encourage interactive and collaborative methods of meaning-making in response to contemporary digital culture.

Decentralized processes of learning, which exist in participatory artworks and nonhierarchal art education, are embraced

by the open source movement. In this paper, we argue that open source software can be used to demonstrate a quest for

knowledge that is not representational but rather performative-based - a temporal epistemology that is about critical inquiry

of media and the ongoing discovery of creative ways of interacting with, and remixing, our reality. This paper incorporates

the above ideas into a proposal for a team-taught digital studio/theory course that explores the “remix” phenomenon,

operating online and utilizing open source media. Drawing upon previous online teaching experience, the pedagogical

intentions and anticipations for this course will be discussed.

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